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A Family of Passionate Interior Experts.

One of Mr. Shutter’s goals is to provide clients with professional, high quality and affordable services. People often choose Mr. Shutter because the quality of both product quality and project craftsmanship.  Years of experience help guide each customers dream project into an absolute visual masterpiece.

We don’t only make things beautiful. We make them work great as well.

We take the time to insure the installation is done right.  The Arthurs’ Brothers are skilled craftsman.  Each job is a reflection of the family’s 50 year history in the window treatment business.

Our Story

3 generations of window treatment experts. 

Building friendships along the way.

Offer only the best products. 

Three Pillars

Mr. Shutter specializes in high-end commercial and residential interiors. We have been installing the same shutters for over fifteen years of proven durability. We are trusted by some of the nation’s premier architects and designers.


Our Shutters are an extremely good value for durable long-lasting shutters. Constructed of quality hardwoods, mortise and tenon construction and custom lacquer finishes. All our products are custom manufactured and available in any color or finish.


All our shutters are supported by a measurement guarantee. We provide measuring, design assistance and installation to lessen the burden on your firm. We always provide a strike-off at no additional charge, further ensuring an accurate final product.


Our Products & Service have been Featured in Architectural Digest, Philadelphia Magazine, Delaware Today and Colonial Living.
Our clients include: Winterthur Museum, The British Embassy, Holiday Inn, Ramada and Greenville Country Club.

Homes & Friends

We are continually amazed by our awesome clients.  Over the past decades, we have made friends and we never overlook the valued relationships we build.  To all our customers, Thank you